Sue Foley

multi award-winning Canadian blues guitarist and singer/songwriter

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Sue Foley is oiginally from Ottawa, Canada, but now splits her time between homes in Canada and Austin, Texas, that is, when she's not on the road. A true blues road warrier in every sense of the word, Foley has earned all the respect she is given by her peers and fans alike.

Foley has won numerous awards for her playing, her songwriting, and her songs and albums. No one trick pony, she possesses highly tuned skills to go along with a keenly perceptive eye and a heart that is often totally in sync with her audeiences regardless of how big or small the room or stage.

As good as her recorded work is, she takes it to another level completely when she plays live. She commands the stage along with everyone's attention as she gives her all in each and every song on the set list. An artist's artist, a musician's musician, and a fan favourite around the globe.

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Influenced By:
B.B. King
Has Influenced:
Miles Overn