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Pete Anderson epitomizes the "complete" musician. He has produced some of the best voices and artists in the industry, including such giants as the late great Roy Orbison, K D Lang, Dwight Yoakum and Michelle Shocked. He has toured and/or served as musical director to people, such as Yoakum, where he has been so instrumental in creating an artist's sound. He has also recorded some of the hottest and most interesting solos to ever make it onto vinyl.

Anderson is initially from Detroit, and cut his teeth playing the blues clubs there after long days working in factories to provide for his family. He credits his advanced sense of time to the constant rhythm of the machines that surrounded him at work. However, the West Coast call was echoing in his ear and he ultimately made the move to California.

Anderson quickly became in demand, not just for blues gigs but for country, rock or pretty much anything where chops and authenticity were needed. Pete Anderson can play guitar, and not just a little either!

Check out Anderson's solos on tunes such as Dwight Yoakum's version of "Little Sister" or his version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", the later displaying Anderson's quirkiness at its finest and most musical.

Anderson's lastest release, "Even Things Up", is a straight ahead blues CD that is delivered in a trio setting that drips with soulful and tasty groove and solos. Not so much a departure for Anderson, but rather a return to his roots. Oh, and by the way, Anderson wrote the all but one of the songs on his latest CD and they are as well crafted and heartfelt as his playing. His voice is at its best on this release.... soulful, evocative, engaging. This is absolutey one of my favorite CDs of 2009.


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