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Pete Anderson
Anderson's 1997 "Dogs In Heaven"

by: Miles Overn

Anderson's 1997 follow-up to 1994's "Working Class" shows him once again laying down seriously attiude inspired groove across, this time, 7 vocal numbers and 3 instrumentals.

The majority of the songs were penned by Anderson himself, with the exceptions being his unique take on the classic "Ain't That Peculiar" as well as one of the instrumentals. Anderson possesses a very distinct musical personality, one formed by decades plying his trade and informed by an encyclopeadic knowledge of roots music. He has a way of laying down a riff where, even though you know it's coming, it still slays you simply because it is so authentic, so solidly and completely out of and within the genre he's working at that moment.

One of Anderson's trademarks as a guitarist is his perfect sense of time, whether he's pushing the beat, dropping it dead center or laying it back just enough to make it greasy, Anderson's playing and arrangements always exude "feel". This CD shows him as comfortable going there vocally as he clearly is guitaristically. He shows an impressive stylistic range across "Ain't That Peculiar", "101 In The Shade" and "Feels Like Mississippi".

Anderson is joined by bassist Taras Prodaniuk, drummer Jim Christie and keyboardist Skip Edwards and together they deliver these tunes with the type of authority and authenticity that only comes from playing these styles at a high level for a long time.

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson, along with being one of the top producers on the planet and heading up Little Dog Records, is simply one very complete guitarist.

Blessed with an incredible sense of time and an uncanny ability to groove even when soloing, Anderson adds to that gorgeous tone, often unusual but always musical note selection and phrasing, and an other worldy knack of delivering it all with total authenticity.

Partial Discography:

Even Things Up
Live At Ohio University Bootleg
Dogs In Heaven
Working Class

Partial Gigs List:

Miles Overn

Miles Overn has been writing about music and musicians for close to 30 years. He has attended hundreds of concerts all over the world and has also photographed many of the world's top artists.

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