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John Abercrombie
Abercrombie's 1985 Masterpiece "Current Events"

by: Miles Overn

John Abercrombie's 1985 release "Current Events", featuring Abercrombie on guitar, Marc Johnson on bass and Peter Erskine on drums, is clearly one of the fusion genres watermark offerings.

(Current Events was reissued in March of 2001)

While the playing of both Johnson and Erskine is exemplary and serve as an aural record of what a rhythm section should be, it is Abercrombie who takes the listener along with him through a sonic spectrum of sounds and styles.

From the lilting opening synth guitar riffs on "Clint" through the delicate single note lines of the closing "Still", this CD displays a level of technical expertise mature and sure enough to never place musicality into submission or suborndination. Each piece is played with sufficient passion, feeling and nuance as to keep the listener both captivated by the performances and yet blissfully unaware that this is just a trio. One never wants for more instruments on this recording.

Johnson solos marvelously on "Alice in Wonderland" and again on "Ralph's Piano Waltz" with Erskine supporting marvelously. That music is primarily a listening art is demonstrated brilliantly throughout all 7 performances captured here.

John Abercrombie

Berklee College of Music alumni Abercrombie has been pushing the envelope for so long, it more resembles an overstuffed pillow.

One of the original fusion players, Abercrombie has recorded countless albums as a leader.


Partial Discography:

The Third Quartet
Class Trip
Current Events

Partial Gigs List:

Miles Overn

Miles Overn has been writing about music and musicians for close to 30 years. He has attended hundreds of concerts all over the world and has also photographed many of the world's top artists.

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