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Joey + Rory
Joey + Rory's 2010 Release "Album Number 2"

by: Miles Overn

Joey + Rory’s “Album # 2” in no way comes across as somebody’s sophomore disc. The quality and consistency alone are far too evident, from the opening, tongue-in-cheek “Album # 2” all the way through the CD closing, Zac Brown co-written “This Song’s For You”.

At its heart, country music has always been about the message wrapped up in and revealed through the story that makes up the song. Treatments aside, the lyric and the melody have to be solid. Rory Feek has been writing hits for others for a very long time. Co-writing many of the tunes in this set with his wife, Joey, or other country song-writing stalwarts only broadened the canvas and deepened the palette in a wonderful portrait of life.

Songs such as “That’s Important To Me”, “Born To Be Your Woman”, and “My Ol’ Man” meld simplicity and sincerity in a way that helps expose the values that traditions were built on and hope to stand for. Humour pokes through and delights in others like “Album # 2” and “Baby I’ll Come Back To You”. Taken altogether, this collection covers a whole lot of life in a little bit of time with authenticity and genuine appreciation for life.

While Joey once again handles the majority of the vocal chores, Rory ably takes the lead on “My Ol’ Man”. Joey’s dynamic and stylistic range, however, allow her to bring the core message of each of the other songs out and in complete harmony with the arrangements and treatments applied by producer and bluegrass legend Carl Jackson. True to country tradition, Joey + Rory are backed by a very good band which effortlessly steps into the spotlight when called upon to solo, but otherwise provides what always seems to be just the right backing for each song.

Simply put, this is the kind of album that sticks. The songs stick in your head. Somehow the CD seems to get stuck in your player. You know there’s other good albums in your collection, but you’re inclined to be in no particular hurry to move on from this one. It just feels that good.

Absolutely one of the very best neo-traditional country albums of the year.


Joey+Rory talk about Album #2
Status: Production

Partial Discography:

Album # 2
The Life Of A Song

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Miles Overn

Miles Overn has been writing about music and musicians for close to 30 years. He has attended hundreds of concerts all over the world and has also photographed many of the world's top artists.

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