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Sue Foley

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues

One of the great shows in the history of the festival

Van Halen
Van Halen's 2012 Release A Different Kind of Truth
From the opening bars of the opening track, “Tattoo”, the listener is both instantly and keenly aware that he/she is listening to a...

Robert Plant
Plant's Band Of Joy Masterfully Nuanced
an exceptional CD, one that will bear many listening well. Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy is aptly named ...

Joe Satriani
Satriani's 2010 "Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards"
Impressive musicianship, great composition across a variety of styles, good feel throughout, breath taking at times, awe inspiring ....

Joey + Rory
Joey + Rory's 2010 Release "Album Number 2"
Simply put, this is the kind of album that sticks. The songs stick in your head. Somehow the CD seems ....

Nikki Yanofsky
Yanofsky's 2010 "Nikki"
an intriguing and captivating mix of youth, quality and promise... ... superbly produced and supremely well played

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